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Data Protection 

CyberAssure works with its clients on end to end data protection using platforms and services. Our teams have delivery capabilities to provide consulting services like Data Flow Analysis / Mapping, deployment, management, monitoring and support services on platforms DLP (Data Loss/Leakage Prevention), CASB (Cloud Security Access Broker), IRM (Information Rights Management), Data Classification and more.


We have monitoring capabilities where Business Security Analysts who monitor and analyse data theft / leakage incident and help clients understand it. 

We have platform specialists who can deploy, manage and support platforms across OEM ecosystem to ensure clients can focus on own business and leave this part to CyberAssure to manage. 

Risk Management

CyberAssure provides its clients with Third-Party Cyber Risk Assessment or what is called Supply Chain Risk Assessment (Cyber) to help understand what risk the service providers bring in to the clients environment, infrastructure that may impact the client business directly or indirectly

We work with various platforms like scoring platforms, assessment platforms, dark web monitoring service providers and more to give you a better picture of your risk and inform the suppliers / vendors / partners involved as to what risks they need to address to work with our clients without compromising their cyber security posture.

Security Governance & Management Services

​We have a team of skilled resources, who can help manage your cyber security governance programs more effectively while keeping costs under control. Currently we have resources who manage the following for our clients: 

  • Cloud Security 

  • Vulnerability Management Governance 

  • Third-Party Risk Assessment 

  • Internal Audits 

The model is available for both onsite and remote delivery, basis the client needs. 

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